Things To Do With Your Tree Stump

If you’re in search of tree stump ideas There’s a solution for you. As it is the old piece of wood can be turned into a masterpiece or an incredibly useful design element for your backyard.

Maybe you’ve had a tree stump that was buried beneath your property for a long time which you’ve been trying to forget about. Perhaps you’ve received a visit from an arborist and found yourself with a tree stump which you’re unsure of what to do with it. However, with a bit of expertise and imagination There are a myriad of things that you could try.

From making them an attractive attraction and getting them removed from the ground to create beautiful furniture or fun stepping stones for youngsters, you could be amazed at possibilities a stump of a tree could offer. Soon, you’ll discover that they’re the perfect complement to your carefully thought-out landscaping ideas. Learn more.

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1. HOLLOW out to use as A PLANTER

One of the easiest methods to make use of stumps of trees is to transform it into an individual planter that can be used to house all your favorite plants and foliage. Carmen @carmypeach @carmypeach is doing just that by bringing a natural style for her gardens.

It’s quite easy to accomplish the same thing all you need to do is cut out the middle of your stump using an mattock or an axe (carefully obviously). Fill the top of the hole with dirt or gravel to aid in drainage (you can also drill one or two holes to the stump) and then fill it with the potting soil prior to planting.

Not only will the end result appear stunning, but the plants will also benefit from the nutrients from the stump of the tree since it breaks through the dirt. Why not make it a beautiful garden by filling it with flowers like tulips or daffodils? Look over our guide on growing bulbs for some tips.


Who would have believed that stumps from trees can be so adorable? We are in love with this idea by Shaz Young, of @slinkyshaz whom has used small stumps with painted tops in order to make toadstools.

In a sloping stone pathway, they are an enjoyable game of hopscotch for children and add an additional dimension of fun to your garden.

Check out our top exterior paints for wood If you’re looking to be creative with your ideas.


Why not reuse your stump from your tree and bring it inside? This unique table was constructed from the beautiful material of the eucalyptus.

This stump was dug up after a large tree was cut down from the garden of a local resident”, says Kishan Mistry from The Tree Soul Store. The wood’s natural pattern and colour gives it an ideal finish, without the requirement for varnish or oil.’

The stump is adorned with beautiful, regular rings and also small open pores, which add to its character as well,’ Kishan adds. “Having furniture that is made of the materials you have created yourself is incredible.’ We can’t disagree more!

4. Change the little ones with A FAIRY HOUSE

The garden can be a space of imagination and wonder for kids. If you’re trying to keep your children amused on the open air, why don’t you transform the humble stump of a tree into a fairy-tale castle?

With pebble paths, flowering window boxes with a roof constructed from succulents, your garden will get your guests captivated in no time. If you haven’t taken a look to our various gardening activities for children to get more ideas.


In this case of the chainsaw maker Matthew Crabb A tree stump could be a captivating centerpiece for your story.

We wouldn’t advise doing a feat on your own, unless you’re an experienced chainsaw operator. However, if you’d want to transform an old stump of a tree an art piece think about bringing in an expert chainsaw operator to complete the task. The result will be something unique that you and your loved ones will cherish for many long time to be.



If you like the rustic look and you have a stump from a tree that isn’t being used Why not reuse it into tables?

Give the top of the stump a good sanding and then employ a spirit level to ensure it’s level and then you’ll have an elegant, custom-designed center piece to your seating space. Smaller stumps can serve as stool stools. 


Have you got a large stump in your tree? Do you like the idea of building a treehouse? This idea is perfect ideal for you. The Squirrel Design team Squirrel Design have utilized the chestnut’s trunk to build this treetop wonder and we are awestruck by the impact it creates.

Fun for children to relax or a tranquil place for adults to unwind A treehouse is a place that can be enjoyed by all. We like the added feature of the swinging chair that hangs from the ceiling the tree, too. Have a look at our treehouse designs to see more amazing examples.

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